Monday, August 04, 2008

De Plan, De Plan!

In the hopes of saving money and becoming a bit less slovenly, I'm going to attempt weekly menu planning for our dinners (we usually do leftovers for lunch and neither of us really eat breakfast).

I'd like to do the shopping and some of the prep work for the week on Sundays, but since it's Monday I decided to plan today and shop/prep tomorrow after work.

Here's the plan for this week:

Tuesday - Veggie BLTs on rye, with Morningstar Farms fake bacon strips, swiss and avocado along with the "L" and "T".
Wednesday - Burritos (to use up the last of the home-made chili from the birthday party)
Thursday - Ravioli Lasagna based on a Rachael Ray recipe, but with what I have already in my cupboards, and a Romaine hearts salad with a vinaigrette based on another RR recipe.
Friday - Stuffed Bell Peppers. RR has a recipe for a stuffed pepper and I have one from a family friend, I'll probably combine them and twist it up a bit.
Saturday - Egg Noodles with Mushrooms (another RR recipe) and some sliced fresh fruit.

With the staples I have and what I bought today, I only need to pick up a few additional basics to cover all these meals (romaine, shallots, avocado, tortillas, egg noodles, and whatever I decide to stuff the peppers with).

Of course we're hoping that a by-product of this experiment is also healthier eating, but we'll see how it goes!


Kelsie-lou said...'s it going so far? My unfortunate case is: No plan, no cook...No cook, no eat. Often we end up not eating...which you would think would save us money...haha...for some reason, I've been unable to even PLAN lately. Maybe it's the state of chaos in my house (renovations...killing me softly... :P)

ReesePie said...

Today I actually made what I intended... I'm going to post about it when I get home from work tomorrow. today. whatever.