Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Worry!

Yes, there is a Tropical Storm headed my way.

Right now the worst of it is 80% likely to hit The Keys and at the most become a Category 1 Hurricane.

We're not really afraid of Fay.

My bosses are being careful, we put up the metal storm shutters over all the windows and the front door of the store, although we are planning to be open in the morning tomorrow until we have a better idea of what time the storm will hit.

The news is on right now and of course the top story is the storm... right now even talking about the Keys and showing a map of Key West.

Local schools have decided to delay their first day of school until at least Wednesday.

Key West is supposed to get the worst of it (lovely). Right now the storm is turning northwest and is scheduled to become a Category 1 right over the Lower Keys. Supposedly we had wind gusts up to 41mph here in Key West today.

At home, we've stocked up on food, and Scott ran pitchers of tap water through our Brita and then dumped them into one of the vats we used for the East Coast Wedding Reception... we certainly won't be lacking for drinking water.

Last night I dyed my roots with a home kit because I can't afford to get my hair done at my salon of choice when I go home next week. I figured that since I'm going to be in a wedding I'll likely be in a few pictures and might as well do my best not to look like a hobo. Okay, most hobos' main concern is not the color of their roots, but I've been spoiled over the last few years.

Tonight once I got home from work I drained the turtle tank and brought it inside, then refilled it to a low level and rigged a lamp over the tank to give Zim a little heat since our AC keeps the house quite a bit cooler than he is used to.

I also wrestled with one of the awnings and managed to bring it down, tomorrow I need to find a bolt to bolt it to the side of the house. I'd like to fold down the other awning in the back, and the two in the front although Scott thinks it is overkill. In any case I'm going to convince him to haul the herbs and tomatoes and peppers into the shed (if we bring them in the house Minx will eat them) tomorrow morning.

After I made my few outside preparations, there was nothing to do but microwave some leftover chinese take-out,

snuggle on the couch,

start a new crochet project

and take cute pictures of our animals.

I'm expecting the power will go out for most of tomorrow afternoon and evening, possibly into Thursday, so we're gathering our candles and flashlights and books.

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Anonymous said...

Your roots look brown, like real roots...cute picture of you and skunky :)