Sunday, August 03, 2008

Don't Be Afraid To Try Something Old.

As a kid, I did NOT like pancakes. Perhaps all the pancakes I tried at the time were a bit undercooked, but I always felt that pancakes were doughy and gross, and I much preferred waffles.

In the last year, I have been trying things that I have strongly disliked in the past, and even things that I never had the guts to try, ever.

This morning (okay, afternoon) I decided that I wanted to eat at IHOP. Once we arrived I decided that I was craving pancakes. How can I have a craving for something that I always disliked? Strange.

I ordered an omelet (which I always want to spell omelette) and for once didn't request hashbrowns instead of pancakes, in fact, I asked for both!

When served, my three buttermilk pancakes had a lovely dollop of whipped butter on top, which I spread evenly on all three layers. Then I tested three of the four syrups available (I skipped the strawberry) and found that the perfect combo is Butter Pecan and Old Fashioned.

Scott laughed at me marveling over the goodness that was my breakfast, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In firing employees news: An employee that was supposed to work today called the owner at 8am and said she was on her way to Miami because her grandfather was dying of a heart attack, complete with tears. Turns out she was LYING and has been at home laying on the couch after shopping at Radio Shack (where she ran into the other owner).

Instead of firing her, we are cutting her pay for a month.

What is wrong with these people?


citizen of the world said...

I ate at IHOP's sibling, Waffle House today. Eggs, grits, hashbrowns. Mmm.

And of course there is no reasonable answer to your last question!

Anonymous said...

Pancakes are always good silly.
You've finally grown up...right before our very eyes.

do you pronounce syrup





Just curious.


Jim Thomsen said...

Why not an outright firing?

ReesePie said...

Because she is a long-term employee and is 16. She's allowed a few screw-ups.

Angela said...

Yum on the pancakes and bummer on the employee. Yep. People are crazy. I know. I am one. :) Good luck!