Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Up All Night...Sleep All Day!

It's not my intention to be up and blogging at 3am on a regular basis. Not remotely.

Most nights I attempt to go to bed between 10:30pm and midnight, which you would think would give me plenty of time to go to sleep and get a good solid eight or nine hours before I get up and have time to do whatever before being at work at noon.

Not so. For some reason I can't fall fully asleep until Scott is in the bed. Of course, this means that once he is asleep, he is also snoring.

About twice a week the dog is allowed on the bed at night, and if we get him situated before any of us fall asleep it works out ok, otherwise he lays perpendicular to the humans, smack in the middle. It's even harder to sleep when a Boxer is sticking his feet into your ribs and farting, and your husband is snoring.

The cats like to sleep where my feet wish they could be, so I either have to kick the cats out of the way, or twist my limbs around them... not that comfy.

On top of these various complications is the fact that I have had trouble sleeping for at least the last ten years, possibly before.

I do recall in elementary school days that I always had a tough time going to bed at night and would often read until very late, then be most difficult to rouse and get to school anywhere near "on time." I don't remember what it was like to try and fall asleep that long ago, but in recent years it is often because I cannot get my brain to SHUT THE HECK UP.

A Psychologist I saw for awhile thinks that I am likely ADD, which can add to my anxiety issues if I'm not careful. My mind takes in too much stimulation at once (mostly because it CAN focus on multiple things, to an extent) and then overloads and my body says "get rid of it" and gets rid of the only thing it can - whatever I've eaten.

No, I'm not having an anxiety attack (aka puke/poopfest) tonight... just waiting for the Rozerem I took about a half hour ago to make me drowsy enough that my brain will slow down so I can fall asleep.

On a side note: as I was searching google for "sleep clip art", many of the images that it gave me had very little to do with sleep, and as I followed one picture to a website and then a link from that website, I came across a blog that has "hamster of the day" posts that are pretty cute. Also an apropos thing to run across while the only sound in the room besides my typing is Princess Tempura Buttfluff on her wheel...


Alyson said...

I know how you feel! I actually blogged about the same thing and my insomnia actually lead me to FOTC, so some good can come from it sometimes. :)

I have ADD and my son has ADHD and we're both the ones up al night in our house. I wouldn't be surprised if you got diagonsed with it.

Angela said...

Here's hoping you're feeling better soon, hon. And that you get some good sleep. Not having sleep sucks. (But I totally understand web surfing -- I'm an addict. Or was. When I had an Internet connection. lol!)

citizen of the world said...

Sleep problems really suck. Hope you get some decent sleep soon.