Monday, September 11, 2006

Road Trip: Day One

Vancouver WA to Yuba City CA

We finally left Vancouver with Scott driving around 4pm on Sunday (10th) and our first stop was on the side of SR 500 to make sure that Scott's wallet was indeed in his backpack and not on the bakers rack at home. After the successful discovery of the wallet IN the backpack, we continued on to I-5 and into Portland, where we stopped at a gas station off Broadway to fill up on gas and meet Bob and Chelsea to say goodbye (and collect a swimsuit I had left at Bob's).

Rush hour traffic in the south end of Portland was avoided for the most part, and we made it to Riddle by about 8pm. We stopped for a fill up (courtesy of the $100 Chevron card given by my co-workers) and a snack at McDonalds, and continued on into California with me driving.

Traveling with three cats has been easier than expected, once they realized the door to the crate was open, Chou came right out and after checking out the entire car, decided my lap was the best place to be. Maui came out and also decided my lap was the place to be (thankfully Scott was still driving). Once Minx came out, she decided the best spot for her was on the floor on the drivers side under Scott's legs. So far she has not gotten under the pedals, but we plan to discourage this as her main hang-out.

Going through the Siskyous our attention was drawn to a truck in the fast lane which notified us with useful hand gestures that the door on the Uhaul was open. Thankfully nothing had come out, we secured the padlock and carried on.

I got tired and needed to take out my contacts, so we took advantage of another Chevron to fill up again and switch drivers.

Also about this time we kicked all the cats into the back where Chou made himself comfy in the front of the crate, Maui huddled up in the back of the crate, and Minx had the whole kitty bed to herself.

Scott was good for another couple hours and then I took over so he could nap for about an hour.

The final switch was around 2:15am and at 2:34am we missed the exit to take Highway 20 towards Yuba City. Thankfully there is another exit not far down the road and our turnaround only took a couple of minutes.

We rolled into Yuba City at about 3:45 in the morning. We greeted Carrie and Dixie briefly, parked the car where it would be in the shade all morning, and opened the windows.

We enjoyed the best night of sleep either of us have had in several weeks, thanks to a feather bed on top of the air mattress.

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