Saturday, May 11, 2013

Countdown: 2 days and ARGGGGHHHH.

"I don't think the oven is supposed to have flames in it."

A couple of hours ago I felt really good about the progress we made today, but things have gone downhill a little bit since then.

We got up around 9:30 this morning and went to pick up the moving truck at 10a. We're renting a Budget 24' truck and a towing dolly to pull my car. It took a little while to get all the paperwork and details taken care of, but soon HusBean drove the truck back to the house and I purchased two wardrobe boxes to hold my hanging clothes and a few of his.

Once we both arrived back at the house (just a couple of miles from the truck pick-up location) we maneuvered the truck at the proper angle into the driveway, pulled out the ramp, and started to get organized.

Shortly after, Carrie T. arrived and she really got us moving. We made a battle plan for loading the truck and got started.

The first two items in the truck were our two large wooden armoires.  Once they were pushed all the way to the front of the truck, we realized that if we turned them around we could fill them full of stuff, which is probably one of the smartest things we did all day! I'm a little worried that it's not all going to fit, as it is I think we're going to have to get rid of some things, both giving them away and taking them to the dump!

Cassandra came to help a little bit later, bringing cold drinks and some snacks, too. With the four of us working, we managed to load up all of the furniture except for the king and full mattresses, the washer and dryer, and the chest freezer.

We also got all the boxes that were previously packed loaded out. Cass and Carrie both had to leave mid/late afternoon, and they left us with the task of packing the rest of our stuff. Carrie's instructions were to finish packing the ENTIRE kitchen.

We sent Carrie home with a bunch of food from our freezer and pantry, I'm hoping to get the freezer emptied and defrosted tomorrow morning.

Once we came back in the house I realized that I probably should have wrapped up my ankle this morning. It was sore and more than a little swollen. We decided to take a nap, so I iced and wrapped the ankle and laid down with HusBean and the dogs to get a little rest. This was pretty short lived, as HusBean was feeling anxious about getting things done.

He got up and started on the kitchen, I rested for about a 1/2 hour and then joined him. He had started the oven on "Clean," the house was starting to get a little smokey so we opened some windows and turned on some fans. I looked over at the oven and said "I don't think the oven is supposed to have flames in it... right?"  We turned the oven to "Off" and fortunately the flames were suffocated out quickly.

We got a few more boxes packed up and then I made a quick trip for froyo and diet coke. On my return I was a little cold, sore, and stinky, so I thought taking a shower would be a fabulous idea.

Apparently we are having a water pressure issue. My shower was like standing under a leaky hose. When I washed my face I had to hold the handheld faucet about 3" from my face to actually get the soap rinsed off. Ridiculous!

The dogs are handling things pretty well, they are sticking close to us when they can, but not doing to much whining or having anxious behavior.

My ankle is still puffy, and my feet hurt. I'm tired. Most days I can ignore my Fibromyalgia symptoms to a manageable degree, but today I may have pushed it a bit too far. I think I'll go to bed soon and just try to get up early and get going.


Anonymous said...

Moving never comes without incident.

Kathy P said...

Packing up for a move is a pain.