Thursday, May 09, 2013

Countdown: 4 days & a wakeup...

Today was long. I woke up with a knot in my neck/shoulder that really wore me out.

Up at 8:30, did some laundry/dishes/packing stuff, then took the dogs to meet Cass and her dogs for a walk around the Frisbee golf course. We took it slow since my ankle is still a little tender, but I had wrapped it for stability, so we still got a little exercise.

I've been trying to sell as much hot sauce as possible before we leave, the more we sell the less we have to pack and transport! All that selling means packing and shipping, so I took a trip to the post office today to send two boxes, and a third will be going out tomorrow.

I've changed our address with USPS, our cell phone carrier, and other relevant parties, I'll give the utilities our new address when I call to shut off service after we leave.

We still have to make a trip to Home Depot for a new bathroom door (a story for another day if I haven't told it already), a mailbox, and a few window screens.

One of the major chores is getting ALL of the laundry clean, this also entails the Great Sock Matchup. Between HusBean and myself we probably own over 100 pair of socks, they have slowly been getting separated from their mates over the last few years. Today I believe I rounded up the last of the Single Sock Bins and they are all being washed. Probably half have been sorted and the rest will be as they come out of the dryer. Any socks without mates will either go in the trash, be used as cleaning rags, or turned in to dog toys!

I've gotten probably 8-10 boxes packed up today and I think I'm going to call it a night.

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