Friday, May 03, 2013

Countdown: 9 Days

Or, according to my former-Marine HusBean: "9 days and a wake-up!"

I had the best of intentions for today, I set an alarm and got up at a reasonable time, planning to meet Cassandra and run/walk the dogs through the Frisbee golf course at Patriots Park. We were making great time and enjoying dodging what little drizzle dripped through the tree cover.  Then I twisted my ankle on the far side of the park. I managed to hobble back across the park (the shortest and flattest route) and headed home. Also, driving a stick shift with a twisted left ankle is no good.

Once I got home I found an ace bandage and a package of frozen tortellini and put my feet up for a little while. It's already swelling and bruising. Ugh.

I've managed to hobble around and get some boxes of books packed, making headway on laundry.  Was hoping to do a fitting on the vintage floral sheet sundress but thinking I may wait on that until tomorrow just for the driving.

Bento is pretty anxious about the move, he is staying pretty close to me, making sure at the very least he is in the same room as I am whenever possible.  He's taking some calming tablets made from all natural ingredients, I think they're helping but the Dr. has also given us permission to give him Alprazolam. I may get that prescription filled for the trip if he seems exceptionally frantic, but likely he will calm down once we're on the road and he sees he's not being left behind.

I'm taking a little break from packing and laundry to eat something, yesterday I went all day and had only had a mug of coffee, a string cheese, and a homemade pickle. 

HusBean is making me scrambled eggs and vegetarian sausage.

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