Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 11: Now I Get To Use Numerals.

Have I mentioned yet that starting Monday (two days ago) I am scheduled to work every day for 10 days straight? This is due to one employee being on vacation and two others leaving in the next 10 days. I'm not working overtime or anything, it's 40 hours spread out conveniently (HA!) over the week.

Monday and Tuesday I went in at 2pm and today and Friday I go in at noon. Tomorrow (which is usually my day off) I don't have to go in until 4pm, and I'm hoping to get some relaxation in by a pool somewhere.

Once I was done with my eight-hour shift today I came home and transferred laundry from washer to dryer, started another load in the washer, and did a sink full of dishes.

Travis just helped me bring our dining table in from the back patio. It has had a shaky leg for awhile, and as we started to set it down, the final weld gave up. Scott is arriving back in town tomorrow and he LOVES the table and it's chairs. Somehow I don't think I'm going to track down a welder in one day.


citizen of the world said...

Are their house-call welders? Or will you have to lug the thing soemwhere to be fixed?

Roxanne said...

Duct Tape......;)

ReesePie said...

I really need to post a pic of the dumb thing... it's very bulky.


Jim Thomsen said...

That's pretty slime-doggish of your boss to squirm out of paying you overtime. At the very least, the extra effort better be worth a shitpile of goodwill from her.