Monday, June 23, 2008

Day XX (That's Twenty, Right?)

Friday morning we roused ourselves out of bed at about 9am, checked out of the motel and went back to The Falls mall.

Mom and I are rabid shoppers, and we cruised our way through several shops in the hour we had before we needed to hit the road back to Key West.

It was a beautiful day for the drive, and we had started our day with a very small breakfast at the motel (Mom had an orange, Jenny had a banana and I had a danish). By the time we reached Tavernier, we were hungry and needed to use a restroom.

We took a chance and pulled into the parking lot at Chad's Deli & Bakery. We were in a bit of a rush as Jenny had to be at work by 3pm, so we ordered sandwiches for Mom and I and a quesadilla for Jenny, used the restroom and hit the road.

Chad is the owner and proprieter and was working the register during our visit. He is a very jolly and friendly man, and assured us that once we tasted the food we would be back for SURE. As we opened our food once we were back in the car and began to eat it, we were quite impressed. All the bread is baked fresh at Chad's and is very tasty.

We arrived back in Key West with about 8 minutes to get Jenny to work, and she made it just a few minutes late.

Mom and I took naps until Scott got home from work and then Mom, Scott, Travis and I headed downtown to a little sightseeing and ultimately have dinner.

We started out parking near one end of the marina and walked along the waterfront to Greene Street, where we stopped at Kermit's Key West Key Lime Pie Shoppe.

When people come to visit we like to encourage them to compare the two main Key Lime Pie peddlers - Kermit's and the Blond Giraffe.

Kermit's has a beautiful Koi pond behind the building, with several small table and chair sets all around the pond and garden area. We purchased a piece of pie and a piece of chocolate dipped pie-on-a-stick. The four of us shared both pieces and determined (as usual) that the chocolate dipped is the preferred method of Key Lime Pie Goodness.

After finishing up our pie, we continued along the waterfront to Front Street and walked all the way up to Mallory Square to catch a little bit of the Sunset Celebration (held nightly).

As we walked into the area where all the performers are, we were greeted by the beautiful tones of a wood flute player playing hymns as the sun was setting. I enjoyed this very much, especially because the song he was playing as we arrived was "How Great Thou Art", probably my favorite hymn.

Clouds were covering most of the sunset, so we decided to progress on to our dinner destination, The Cafe. Once inside we sat in a new dining room addition that was just opened in March. The food was fantastic (as always) and it felt good to walk back to the car and work off a few of the calories we so enjoyed consuming.

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