Friday, June 06, 2008

Day Five, Hurricane Season 2008 - a day late...

And several hundred dollars shorter.

Thursdays are generally my day off. There are a few exceptions, like the week after I go on vacation or when my boss needs to rearrange the schedule for some reason.

Yesterday I was off, and Jenny and I managed to get a LOT done. We purchased all the food items and ingredients necessary, and also obtained two large and one small wading pool, an umbrella for our back yard picnic table, a folding six foot table, some serving platters and plates, two buckets for serving our signature cocktail and the Arnold Palmer, and various and sundry other items. (Isn't "various and sundry" redundant?)


We started at K-Mart, went to Albertsons, then to the Sugar Apple, then to Fausto's, then to Publix, and then decided to borrow my bosses' truck to get the wading pools from K-Mart to the house (Wading pools do not fit well into the back of a Honda EX).

My boss is a generous guy, and agreed to let me borrow is F?50 (BIG DIESEL TRUCK) for the mission. As I was leaving his office he said "Reese, do you know HOW to drive a big truck like that?"

I assured him that I have experience driving BIG DIESEL TRUCKS and off we went.

We purchased the pools and nestled them safely in the back of the truck, well inside the canopy. I reached up to shut the canopy and as the canopy door frame hit the tailgate, the glass exploded all over me.

Calling your boss to tell him that you busted the glass out of the back of his truck is not fun. I do not recommend it for kicks OR giggles.

When we returned the truck to the store both my bosses came out and took a look, and then the he-boss left for an appointment and the she-boss said "What did you hit?!"

I didn't hit anything. I didn't even slam it. It just shattered.

Oh yes, all over me. I had shards of glass in my hair, and all over my arms and legs, and down my dress. Little tiny cuts bleeding. And little bits of glass itching my skin. AWESOME. Or Not So Much.

When we returned to the house I went into the back yard and hosed off the arms and legs and then cringed and tried to ignore the other pieces I could feel for the rest of the day.

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citizen of the world said...

Ooh! I hate to hear that. Was your boss understanding?