Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fourteen Days of Hurricane Season

Today it rained.

I have four more days of working and then my mom is coming to visit us for 4-ish days. Jenny and I are going to drive to Miami to fetch her and maybe go see the Sex and the City movie while we are there.

Tonight we are having Tacos. I don't have to make them.

This makes me happy.


citizen of the world said...

Much as I love cooking, I am always happy to have soemone else cook for me.

Angela said...

I remember hearing about a college prof who always joked that her kitchen was broken and since it didn't work, she had to eat out all the time. I'm starting to think that the kitchen in my new house is broken, even though I *used* think think that I liked cooking. Ah, well. Such is life! ;) I'd rather mess around on the Internet, apparently.