Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Day Three, Hurricane Season 2008

I was asked if I intend to blog the entire Hurricane Season day by day.

Intend? Sure. Will it happen? Maybe.

Today (ok, it's after midnight so technically yesterday)...

I received my new laptop and cried at work. Not necessarily related occurrences, but looking back probably not totally unrelated, either.

I had an emotional day. Work has been stressful lately and today was no exception. I felt as if I was in trouble for something but had not been notified of what, and even when the information that I have been working a lot of overtime (for free - since I am on salary) by choice was provided to my boss, I didn't even receive a "Thank You" or an acknowledgment of any kind. The addition of my looking online and seeing that apparently DHL delivered my new laptop to a "residence front door" somewhere on Gulfview Drive (as opposed to my work address) YESTERDAY, culminated in my not being able to handle it when my boss told me that they decided not to change our logo after all.

About six months ago the three of us (my two bosses, who are husband and wife, and myself) decided that we were going to change the logo because the current one is outdated, too busy, and not cohesive. I worked on some options for awhile but couldn't devote the necessary time to it amongst all my other duties, and requested that we hire out to a real graphic artist.

Fortunately I know one (ok, several) and my boss agreed to pay him to work on a new logo for us. To date he has given us six or seven new ideas and I really liked them. When I found out today that his work has been in vain (although he WILL be getting paid, I made sure of that), I just couldn't take it.

To throw a little added pressure onto my day, Scott told me that the rumor in his office is that his company will likely not be getting a renewal on their contract that ends in September. This means that we may be moving earlier than we expected to.

In the meantime, party plans are rolling along - my desk also arrived today and I set it up and started getting the front room put away before getting out my new laptop and immediately downloading firefox and setting up my blogosphere bookmarks.

Day Four is already upon me and I must now check my Woot and be off to bed.


citizen of the world said...

Well, I hope for yoursake there is nothing serious in the way of real hurricanes this year to blog about. In the meantime, there seems to beenough stormy stuff going on at work.

Roxy said...

yeah for moving sooner...:)

Tammie Jean said...

Wow, there's lots going on with you! I'll have to continue reading back and catch up... But I have to say, that menu below is making my mouth water!