Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day Eight: Exhaustion

It is 10:30pm and I am in bed. There are still a few guests in the living room and back yard, but I am done for the day.

Jenny and I both finally went to bed around 3am and we all slept until about 10am this morning. Right away the four of us (Scott, Me, Travis & Jenny) got to work. Scott mowed the back yard, edged it, swept all of the patio, picked up dog poo and mopped inside.

Travis bustled about putting all the random stuff that had yet to be put away in our bedroom.

I started putting things away and then began to set up the table in the back yard and fill the wading pools.

Jenny got started on the gnocchi and then we decided we needed another trip to the store because she ran out of flour.

We hopped in the Honda and drove to GFS for flour, tealights, pans and additional white grape juice.

Once we returned Jenny finished the gnocchi and then took a break to help me draw on the sidewalk and carport floor with liquid chalk before she got started on the crostini. We decided we needed another break and took the Honda downtown to fill two coolers full of ice thanks to the restaurant Jenny works at.

Scott took about a 45 minute nap after taking care of all the yardwork, and once he was up I took a nap until about five minutes before the official start of the party.

As guests arrived we plated the food and set it on the table under the awning on the back patio. Apparently all the neighborhood flies decided to attend regardless of the fact they were not issued invitations, so after about ten minutes we moved the table into the house.

Overall the party was a raging success. There were three dogs, several kids, and the wedding video on a loop being projected on the dining room wall. A wedding picture slideshow ran on the big screen TV at the same time in the living room. There was much eating, drinking, and guests being astounded that Jenny and I made all the food and from scratch!

Everything turned out wonderfully, there's an entire pan of ribs, a quarter of one cheesecake and half of the other, a gallon ziploc bag of uncooked gnocchi, lots of couscous salad, a bit of the bean dip and a bit of the feta dip, some chips and all of the corn left. We forgot about the corn completely.

Scott leaves on a four day business trip tomorrow and I am working the next ten days straight.


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