Monday, June 23, 2008

Day XXI - More of the Same...

Saturday I had to work, and didn't get up until I had to. My work went by pretty quickly, and I got to give Mom a quick tour of the store when Scott brought her by in the afternoon.

Once I was off work I rushed home and changed, and the three of us went downtown for our reservation at The Rooftop Cafe (what we consider to be the BEST restaurant in Key West).

Back in February, Scott's family came to town and we took them to Rooftop for Gary's birthday dinner. They gave us a gift certificate to Rooftop as a thank-you, and we were intending to use it for Valentine's day, but there was a kitchen fire the weekend just previous to the holiday.

The proprietors come in to the pet store on a regular basis and have been updating us as to the progress of the rebuild. The Rooftop Cafe finally re-opened on June 2nd, so this is our first opportunity to go back since the fire.

Mom and I are both vegetarians, so while I selected a side from a steak entree as my entree and a salad, my mom threw herself on the mercy of the chef and said "surprise me!"

Her entree was a combination of sauteed portobello and zucchini, some roasted garlic potato gratin, some mashed potato, and some steamed spinach and onions underneath.

I chose a goat cheese and black bean quesadilla with fresh avocado on top, and Scott got the "Surf, Surf, Surf and Turf" pasta.

After dinner we retired back to the house and watched the wedding video.


Angela said...

Yum, yum, yum, yum. I really have to figure out how to get down there! ;)

ReesePie said...

Yes, you do!