Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day Seven, Hurrykane Seezon 2008

I worked an eight hour shift, came home, and proceeded to hang pictures, clean the hamster and skunk cages, make and bake two pans of fruit cobbler, take a trip to Walgreens for butter, and do a load of laundry.

Jenny came over this morning and cooked for three hours, then went to work and worked an eight and a half hour shift and then came back to the house to cook. She took the ribs (14 lbs of ribs) out of their three day marinade and dried them individually before giving them a dry rub.

Meanwhile I assembled the spinach & feta triangles which will be baked tomorrow. We'll also find time to draw on the streets with sidewalk chalk, make gnocchi from scratch, finish cleaning or picking things up and throwing them into the master bedroom AND finding time to make ourselves look pretty.

I'm exhausted. Jenny is too.

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