Friday, June 06, 2008

Day Four Addendum

After posting my blog, Jenny and I created a battle plan and schedule to get done all the shopping and cooking necessary for Sunday's party. As per usual, Jenny brought over her laundry, since we are happy to enable her laundering for free at our house instead of wasting money at a laundromat. Also, laundromats do not have friends' kitchens attached to them.

Since Jenny's boyfriend Travis arrived at our house two weeks ago, she has spent more nights here than at her house, and her cat Charlie is NOT impressed. He peed all over her bed.

Jenny loaded the washer with some of her cat-pee-items and stuffed a pillow in on top. Travis soon yelped "Water! Water Everywhere!" and we discovered that the living room was flooding.

We quickly pulled the couch and coffee table into the middle of the room and unplugged laptops and phone chargers. The dog bed and the bulk of Jenny's dirty laundry were used to mop up the water, and we learned that the pillow had been placed directly under the water faucet and had spurted the water out onto the floor.

All this was at about 1am. We were still planning to make the cheesecakes and didn't make it to bed until about 3am.

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