Monday, June 23, 2008

Day Twenty-Two, Hurricane Season 2008

Sunday morning we all slept in for awhile, the animals convinced Mom to get up and feed them, and then she packed up her stuff while we were trying to rouse ourselves out of bed.

Once up, we met Travis and Jenny at Pepe's restaurant for lunch and then walked up Greene to the antique shop and Peppers of Key West. Then over to Front street and we took a tour of the Pirate Soul Museum. The museum is very educational and entertaining, the least of which is the stocks out front. It was a sweltering day or we would have pulled the pins out and made it look a little more realistic. As it was I told all the subjects to "look mournful" which they did.

We trudged back to the car in the heat and cranked up the AC as soon as the car was open. Back at home we napped a little and then Jenny came over and we got ready to make the trek back to Miami.

Scott was letting Buster out into the back yard and exclaimed "Holy Crap! You've got to see this thing!"

We all rushed out and admired a large iguana perched on part of our wall.

Jenny and I managed to get close enough to take several flattering portraits of him before we were too hot, and then Scott took turns watering him, the lawn, and the dog.


citizen of the world said...

Just read through the last three. You guys are staying busy!

Angela said...

Wow. Very cool!